Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Office365 really work across all devices?

A1: Windows Desktop: Office 365 is designed to work on XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 and Window 8. For the best experience use the latest version of Microsoft Office

A2: Mac Desktop: Office365 supports Mac Users across all fronts:

  • Lync – A full Client for Mac users is now available to Office365 subscribers
  • Office Web Apps – Mac users can use Safari to access the full functional versions of Office Web Apps including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • SharePoint – SharePoint Online supports user access by the safari browser
  • Email – Mac Users can use iMail & Entourage to access mail and calendar services provided by exchange
  • iPhones/iPads - Can access email, calendars and SharePoint

A3: Smart Phones: You can use Office365 on Windows 7 Mobile, Android, iPhone & iPad as well as Blackberry*.

*Except on a P plan where Blackberry devices are not supported

Q: Is a trial really risk free?

A: Yes, there is no need to enter in your credit card details and the trial is automatically cancelled after 30 days.

  • Try a Small Business Trial (10 users):
  • Try a Medium/Large business trial (25 users) :

Q: What can I achieve in the trial?

A: You will have either 10 or 25 licences and with each of those you can create a temporary email address ( ). Once set up you can:

  • Test email and calendar functionality on your PC, tablet/iPad and Smart Phone
  • Use SharePoint to upload, edit and manage documents and tasks
  • Use Lync to send instant messages, share you screen, and carry out voice and video conferencing
  • The trial offers a fully functional experience of Office365.

Q: What’s the difference between Microsoft Office on my computer and Office365?

A: Microsoft Office comprises of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other packages that are installed on your desktop or laptop computer.
Office 365 provides a set of complimentary services to Microsoft Office. They include:

  • Exchange Online – This allows you send and receive email to your own domain name. Use Microsoft Outlook to compose emails and to read incoming mail.
  • Lync – Work with other members of your organisation using Instant Messaging, Voice & Video conferencing as well as screen sharing.
  • SharePoint – A web based tool designed to help you manage your company’s information including documents, tasks and group calendars.

Q: And what’s Microsoft Office Professional Plus?

A: Microsoft Office Professional Plus is the suite of desktop productivity products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook which you purchase on a subscription basis. Each subscription allows you to install the Microsoft Office Software on up to 5 computers that you use. By paying each month you avoid big upfront costs – and Microsoft will always upgrade you to the latest version of Office at no extra charge. This offer is included in plans E3 and E4.

Q: With Office365 I can only work online?

A: Office365 supports offline working in a number of ways.

  • SharePoint Online – Use SharePoint Workspace to synchronise Documents between your local PC and your SharePoint Online Site allowing offline working.
  • Use Microsoft Office Professional Plus – Subscribe and receive you can install the full install of the Microsoft Office Suite to use on your computer (and up to 4 others which you use) – this includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Onenote, Access, Lync, SharePoint Workspace & Infopath.

Q: What size business is Office365 suitable for?

A: Office365 has been designed to work for all businesses from single employee/owner businesses to big UK companies such as Royal Mail, Aviva and GlaxoSmithKline.

Q: If everything is “in the cloud” – how can I Print my documents?

A: Office 365 allows you to print directly from SharePoint online and Outlook Web Access (including any email attachments). You can also download documents from Office365 to your desktop and print them from there.

Q: How do I pay for Office365?

A: Microsoft bill each month and will collect automatically by a credit card which you are required to keep on file. Please note that debit cards are not accepted. For larger customers invoicing options are available.

Q: Is it easy to setup?

A: Microsoft Office 2010 is designed to work closely with Office 365 to make it as easy as possible to use Office 365. Perspicuity offer assistance with both set-up and on-going support. Contact us for if you need help!

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