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Why do I need Windows Intune?

As your organisation becomes more productive and mobile, using phones, tablets and laptops to do work, your devices need to be protected in the same way that your desktop is to protect your organisation's information and systems.

Intune helps you manage a range of devices remotely, that means you can be kept aware of potential issues and have secure access to the IT hardware used by your team and keep them virus free, no matter where they are located. Each Intune subscription includes upto 5 devices and currently costs £3.90 per user per month. That's as little as 78p per device per month.

What does it do?

Control your laptops, PCs, tablets and mobiles from one admin panel

so if your employees bring their own devices, whether they are mobiles, tablets or laptops, you can now update their security and software from one place. If the devices are owned by your organisation you can control, wipe or upgrade the device.

Stay secure

One admin panel to control antivirus, upgrades and patches - protect your organisation's information and systems by being alerted to any malware or viruses - even if the device (phone, tablet or laptop) is owned by your member of staff, they can easily add their device to your system and be protected.

Keep track of your software licences

Keep track of your organisation's licence agreements, whether it's Microsoft, Adobe, Sage or another software licence, Windows Intune will help you keep track of how many licence agreements you're using, how many you're paying for and when they need upgrading.

Stay in tune with your system

We can help you with set-up, reporting and device policies to ensure that Windows Intune is tailored to help your type of organisation and your staff.

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