Islington Council

Organisation: Islington Council
Sector: Local Government, Public Sector

The Challenge:

Islington Council realised that a large number of their Web applications weren’t fully supported and they wanted to build a more rigorous long-term support structure and then work on a plan where systems could be upgraded or replaced by new functionality over time. These web applications included the highly visible public facing website of Islington Council. Integrated Corporate Architecture Manager, Injeet Bamrah commented;
“The website is an important income stream for us. If it’s not available, citizens can’t use it to pay for services and revenue suffers. I need to know that it’s properly supported and that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.”

What we did:

Perspicuity provides a SLA-based support contract for one of Islington’s enterprise content management platform which is the backbone to the Islington public facing website. In addition Perspicuity have provided Documentum and SharePoint architecture and development skills to Islington council to help them further developer their content management platforms.

“We initially wanted Perspicuity to support our Documentum enterprise content management platform, but, during contract negotiations, I realised that they had a lot more to offer. They clearly had strong application development skills, so it was an opportunity to build a relationship around platform enhancement as well as on-going support.” Injeet Bamrah