Brian CowieIs the Cloud right for me?

As you may have seen in the media Microsoft are heavily promoting their impressive Cloud capabilities. Cloud gives all organisations access enterprise-grade technology to companies of any size, large or small.

Perspicuity has been working with Microsoft to develop an approach which evaluates not only the technical challenges but also the business opportunities too. Our objective was to show that with a more rounded view of Cloud a business can achieve not just enterprise grade technology but full enterprise grade services and delivery to go with it – without impacting the total cost of delivery, effectively more-for-less.

Brian Cowie, Commercial Director commented “ What’s the point of having the enterprise-grade technology that Microsoft Cloud solutions can offer but with weak support or development services that cannot exploit all of that Cloud Power and really deliver business results?”.

Our research shows that some clients view Cloud as another distraction which they don’t have time for. So, Perspicuity has invested over the past 2 years in developing a Cloud Value Assessment tool that quickly determines where potential value to a client can be achieved from Cloud. In short workshop we work with you to identify and evaluate any gains to be made from full enterprise-grade Cloud technology and services. Following the workshop we will provide you a report showing where we believe Cloud and our supporting services can make a real difference – with the financials to back it up. We know that not all IT services belong in the cloud but we can help you identify what opportunities exist for your organisation for the ones that do.

To take the next step, contact us we can talk you through the options and opportunities that this new technology presents. If you are ready then we can organise your Cloud Value Assessment.