Cloud Enablement

Experience real growth with our pioneering approach to building a successful cloud business

Do you know how to build a cloud business economically?

We didn’t, but we do now. We transformed the old un-economic model for building a cloud business by creating a customer-focused, process-driven that doesn’t rely on how many tech superstars you have in-house.



Arm yourself with practical skills, knowledge, and processes for maximum ROI

We’ll help remove the barriers that are holding you back, whether they are in your business strategy, staff hires, or selling technique, so you can provide a better service for your customers and generate significant profits.

Our consulting service is backed by Microsoft

When you take guidance on what business processes to implement, you need to know it’s from a source you can trust. Ben Gower heads up our cloud consulting service; not only is he our CEO, but he’s a regular speaker and blogger for Microsoft, so you can be assured that you’re getting advice from the best.



The Home Cooking Co

“Problem solved very quickly and in a friendly manner. Great service!”

The Home Cooking Co

FM Management Solutions

“Perspicuity are extremely customer focused and good at what they do”

FM Management Solutions

VG Properties

“Extremely helpful, patient, understanding and prepared to spend as long as it took to resolve my issues”

VG Properties

We are specialists




We will make sure you get the right plan at the best price. 

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