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Help your employees work smarter with Microsoft SharePoint.It can be customised to suit your organisation helping you to work more efficently with sharing information in your organisation.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. It stores all of your business information in one place – enabling your staff to share knowledge, manage documents and find information more efficiently. What is more, with our help, Microsoft SharePoint can be adapted to the needs of your business.

Use Microsoft SharePoint to:

Manage content and documents: The SharePoint platform provides a central location for document and information storage. This reduces duplication, increases accuracy and makes collaborative working simpler and more efficient.

Find information: Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to search for documents and information – saving time and increasing efficiency.

Manage projects and staff: SharePoint enables you to manage projects and staff from one central location. This means fewer emails, straightforward monitoring and more time to realise your business objectives.

Keep in touch: SharePoint links you to colleagues, clients and suppliers – helping to build communities, engage your employees, improve customer service and maximise the value of client feedback.

Share knowledge: The expertise of your staff is invaluable to your business. Microsoft SharePoint enables your employees to share their insights, information and skills with each other. This saves time, improves performance and builds competitive advantage.

Gain business intelligence: Microsoft SharePoint generates reports that help you measure the performance of your business and make strategic decisions.

Perspicuity’s consultancy, support and development package can help you make the most out of SharePoint. We help you identify your business needs, and leverage the technology for maximum benefit. Then we help you implement the right system, maintain it, and develop it for continued productivity gains and cost savings.

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