Why choose The Cloud?

At Perspicuity, we have a range of services to help you understand the potential of cloud and use it to get the best business benefits for your organisation;
Whatever the size of your business, Cloud computing enables you to make use of the very latest technology, at a price you can afford. Perspicuity helps you get the very best performance from your use of Microsoft’s Cloud technology – ensuring you maximise the business benefits that come from operating at the cutting edge.

These benefits include smarter working, reduced costs, 99.9 per cent reliability from your technology, and increased productivity. We think they add up to a strong argument in favour of Cloud computing – because, when you put these benefits together, they generate greater profitability for your business.

What can you achieve with the Cloud?

The Cloud offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses of every size. With Perspicuity’s help, you can:

  • Share documents. Avoid the muddle of multiple versions of the same document circulating among your colleagues. Use SharePoint to share information securely.
  • Work remotely. Connect with colleagues, wherever you happen to be on any device, using the range of remote access tools provided by Office 365 .
  • Manage your technology. Work with us to manage your technology – even if it is located in multiple locations. Windows Intune enables you to control your computing devices, even if you can’t reach them in person.
  • Achieve big tech results with small tech investment. The Cloud enables you to make use of the very latest technology, whatever the size of your business. So whether you’ve one employee or 10,000, you’ll have the best technology at your fingertips – and all for a manageable per user per month fee.

Welcome to the future

Technology is changing all the time, and so is your business. That’s why we build long-term relationships with our clients – ensuring you have the right technology to hand, no matter what the future holds.

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