Using Microsoft Teams?

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Business fit

Does Office 365 make sense for your business? What do you want to achieve, and how do your people work? How would you like them to work? Let us show you our vision of the Modern Workplace.

Technical fit

Understanding your infrastructure and examining your “As-Is” state will enable us to map this into your “To-Be” state with Office 365. We’ll agree with you on a roadmap for how to get you there.

Driving adoption

A software investment only meets its ROI on successful adoption – with a new toolset comes new opportunities for your user community. We can help you build a plan to ensure that the new technology works for all.

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How do we do it?

One of our Principal Consultants will come to your office for the day and deliver our ‘Discovery’ to your team. They will cover the end-to-end process regarding moving your organisation to Office 365.

Following this Discovery, we’ll present a proposal to perform the work discussed and highlight the decisions made. All of this will be delivered on a fixed-price basis.

Educate and plan

Our Discovery engagements aren’t simply an information gathering exercise, they are designed to help you understand how Microsoft’s cloud technology fits together with your environment. We discuss the approaches to identity, integration, migration, deployment and adoption.

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Understanding your capability and capacity

Every organisation we speak to wants a different level of involvement in a project – a key part of our Discovery process is to understand what you have the capability to perform yourself, and out of those tasks which ones you have the time to perform.  This helps drive maximum IT buy-in as well as budget effectiveness.