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Low code apps for everyone

Power Apps empowers users to build applications quickly through a simple drag and drop interface. Use pre-defined templates, instantly create directly from SharePoint or custom build from your own blank canvas, making apps has never been easier!

Simplify data processing

Connect to over a hundred O365 and third-party applications and the common data service to pull in data and insights direct to the application. Bring together multiple data sources and take key actions in in one seamless experience removing the need to switch between various applications.

Mobile ready apps

With a canvas built for mobile, enable your workforce to create beautiful user experiences on mobile devices allowing for interaction and consumption of data on the go with simple one click actions, and ready to go forms.

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What are Power Apps?

Power Apps are part of the Power Platform group of tools provided by Microsoft that empower users to develop great looking interfaces to the data and content they work with on a day to day basis. Ultimately, it is a software that allows users to build applications on multiple devices without requiring that they have code expertise.

How will Power Apps benefit my business?

Traditional custom-built apps are expensive and difficult to maintain, with Power Apps businesses not only see on average a 70% reduction in costs associated with developing and maintaining apps but also see a 15% average improvement in process efficiencies over a three-year period. They can improve data accuracy by providing a simplified, consistent method for data input and can speed common laborious tasks such as calculations and validation.

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How can Perspicuity help my business with Power Apps?

It may be that you need extra resource to help build a Power App or would like to extend the possibilities of Power Apps even further. Whatever your need, Perspicuity has the experts at hand to create apps that work. We have the skills and architectural knowledge on how to push the technical boundaries of Power Apps, we always ensure we provide apps that deliver a great user experience for the consumer through excellent UX design and branding.

You’ve got the Power

Why not book in a PowerApps workshop to see how Power Apps can benefit your business.

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