Using Microsoft Teams?

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Do I really need an intranet?

Use your intranet to bring staff together, to communicate a ‘Single Version of the Truth’, set a common way of working and deliver it on a platform that you can build out on.

How can SharePoint support collaboration?

Offering a structured way to collaborate, SharePoint supports strong governance, a consistent user experience and tight integration to Microsoft Office allowing you to easily scale your collaboration solution.

Running manual processes?

Automating business processes reduces user error, increases efficiency and allows you to formalise the way you work, reducing the risk of key man dependency.

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How do we do it?

SharePoint offers great flexibility as a platform and we see our clients taking advantage of that in many different ways.

Start with an exploratory call with one of our team to discuss the business challenges you are trying to address or to simply understand how we’ve seen SharePoint help other businesses.

The outcome of the call may lead on to a SharePoint Discovery, a recommendation for a SharePoint packaged solution or simply that we agree that SharePoint isn’t right for you

Accelerate deployment with packaged solutions

Percy Intranet –  A business ready intranet solution, combined with a rapid deployment and adoption plan that delivers an intranet that your people will use. It provides expected common functionality, branding, setup and ongoing support.

SharePoint Collaboration FastStart – Use SharePoint to deliver a self-service collaboration solution, using templates to support specific scenarios such as project management, department collaboration and portals to work with external parties.

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Real business automation

Do more and automate your business processes, remove the inconsistency of manual and paper-based systems, and bring together people, process, and content into a single managed solution.

By using third party software we deploy forms, workflow, and document generation to  achieve business efficiency. To achieve, we recommend and deploy Nintex solutions.

All Systems Go

Empower your employees with a modern Intranet: increase team productivity, streamline company communications and maintain a secure environment for your staff.

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