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GDPR Statement

We are cognoscente of our legal responsibilities, and maintain awareness of all current and future data protection legislation, and operate our business accordingly to ensure compliance with such legislative requirements.

To this end, we contract with and train our staff accordingly, and have in place policies and procedures to ensure awareness and compliance by all employees (and suppliers where relevant) with the obligations we hold as a business as regards our data protection obligations. Accordingly, we’re focused on ensuring all GDPR tasks are in play, that they continue to progress, and by 25th May 2018 can be evidenced to demonstrate compliance.

Our systems and processes are structured to support our data protection responsibilities, and are maintained (and continue to be developed) in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

We treat our data protection obligations seriously, and by way of ongoing measures continuously attend to these legal requirements to ensure we operate to the highest standards at all times.

To the extent we hold third party personal data, this is limited to company names, contacts, email addresses and telephone numbers shared with us day to day for commercial reasons and in support of our mutually agreed business activities.

Where there has been a commercial transaction between us, we maintain records of that transaction for 7 years from the date of engagement for the purposes of the Statute of Limitations.