So, Gemma, tell us a little bit about your role here?

I work on the Sales Team at Perspicuity as an Account Manager. We help customers with support, consultancy and development days.

Tell me about your previous experience that you have brought to Perspicuity…

Previously I worked as a Business Development Manager for a recycling firm. Here I used to do lots of B2B cold calling which has given me lots of confidence and the ability to talk to new people. My job was to find new leads and convert them into sales which I now do at Perspicuity, albeit without finding the leads, as this is where our Partner relationships come in.

What does an average day look like?

Everyday is different, which I love! One day I could be talking to a new lead about some basic training sessions in O365 and other days I could be speaking to a long term customer about the phase 2 of their project. My role, aside from meetings, also includes putting contracts together, building relationships with Partners and Clients, manging renewals and making sure our customers are getting the most from their investment.

What's your favourite thing about your role?

In short, meeting new people and always learning about the world of Microsoft. I'm definitely not a technical person, I'm more than happy sticking with sales, but it's surprising how much you pick up just listening to the consultants communicate with the customers.

Tell me about your career at Perspicuity:

I finally feel like I have found my career at Perspicuity. I have had a number of different jobs until this point but the progression opportunities here are very appealing. I started my role just looking after our support customers and within the first year have already progressed to picking up new leads and supporting our Head of Sales with putting contracts together and forming relationships with our customers.

What's been your biggest learning?

Technology is definitely a different world to work in; the possibilities are endless and its constantly evolving. Being a millennial and growing up with technology at school, you'd think I'd have a good idea, but wow isn't there lots more to it. Our developers and consultants have a wealth of knowledge that I enjoy listening and learning from each and everyday. Another learning is working with a partner network, rather than directly with clients. Working with partners is a great way to do business but it took some getting used to in the beginning.

How would you describe what it's like to work at Perspicuity?

As above, I have finally found where I want to stay and build a career. It's the little things here that make a difference such as the welcome gifts, including a Douche Bag (yes make sure you google that one), company drinks and get togethers, and a nice small family feel group of people. Being new to the technology industry everyone made me feel very welcome and continue to do so. Many of my colleagues have worked at Perspicuity for a number of years which speaks volumes in itself.

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