So, Imogen, tell us a little bit about your role here?

As a Delight Specialist, I support the Marketing and Customer Experience Teams to help with graphic design, social media, content creation and communications, both internal and external.

Tell me about your previous experience that you have brought to Perspicuity…

My professional background has been extensively customer experience based, working in many sectors from retail to social housing. I'm passionate about providing an excellent experience for any customer I come in to contact with and strongly believe that everyone in an organisation is customer focused, whether or not they are customer facing.

I've also always been creative and studied Commercial Photography. I often feel that I would rather learn to do something myself than to externally source things and this has led to me having many strings to my metaphorical bow.

What does an average day look like?

Every day is different! That's one of my favourite things about this role! I'm glad to be back in the office after working from home over the last 18 months in my previous job. Myself and my line manager tend to have a daily chat in the morning over a cup of coffee and set up what we're doing for the rest of the day!

What's your favourite thing about your role?

I'm always having creative projects land on my desk and I'm given a lot of creative freedom to get projects done. I feel like my creativity is not only constructively challenged but ultimately trusted.

Tell me about your career at Perspicuity:

I'm a fairly new joiner and I've been at Perspicuity for less than a year. In the time I've been here so far, I feel that my skillset surrounding Adobe Creative Suite has been upskilled massively as well as my knowledge and understanding of content creation and marketing optimisation. I've been put through regular courses and feel nurtured to get the best out of my position here.

What's been your biggest learning?

I'm not a technically minded person (and I've still got a long way to go) but I'm enjoying getting to know the more technical side of what Perspicuity do and how it all works!

How would you describe what it's like to work at Perspicuity?

A collaborative space where ideas are encouraged and nurtured.

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