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Digital Success

Success in Microsoft 365 is not simply a technical matter of deploying the tools but involves the reimagination of your business models. Embedding a success plan into your organisation will allow you to increase efficiencies and service your customers in new, innovative ways.

Driving Value

M365 Success is a subscription-based service where our industry leading consultants will work with you over a fixed period of time to drive value from your investment in Microsoft 365. With regular check ins and detailed success planning, this service will ensure you’re always on top of providing a great experience for your colleagues and customers.

On-hand Experts

It takes years of focused experience to become an expert on Microsoft 365 and then continued learning to maintain that expertise can be timely and expensive for organisations to get started and maintain in-house. Our Microsoft 365 Success Service provides the expertise when you need it with timeline reviews.

How will it benefit my business?

With the way we work continuing to transition to digital and cloud technologies, as an organisation you need to ensure you’re engaging your customers at the highest level by empowering your colleagues with the tools they need to deliver excellent outcomes both internally and externally time and time again. To get on this path to digital excellence requires strategy and a deep understanding of the role Microsoft 365 can have as part of your digital transformation. Our Microsoft 365 Success Service provides you with access to experts in digital strategy and transformation ensuring you get the highest possible value from your investment in Microsoft 365.

How does it work?

Our success managers will start by engaging with your core team through a series of workshops and assessments to help us understand your current digital maturity state. They will also hold a success management workshop where they will discuss what success on Microsoft 365 looks like to your business and set SMART objectives to get to the desired state. Once we have all of the information required, you will be provided with a success management plan that we will work with you on over the course of the year to help drive your digital transformation initiative.

What do I need to do?

Our success management process is tried and tested and follows a simple approach to ensuring you get up and running on the path to digital optimisation. You will need to have identified who will be your internal success manager for this endeavour. This will allow us to have a consistent point of contact throughout the engagement. They will likely be the head of IT or similar senior role. Once you have identified the right person, you can leave the rest to us. The process we follow takes your organisation logically through a structured delivery approach that will help build an internal digital success team, champion community and ultimately digitally optimise your business to get the most out of Microsoft 365.

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