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Start with the goal

The easy decision is to give all users the same licence, but that can be expensive and unnecessary: let us help you match your user groups to the right solution. With over 30 services and 9 packaged solutions in Office 365, it makes sense to speak to our experts to get the right mixture of licences for your business.


We understand that for many organisations the demands on IT services changes over time: for services such as Azure that might peak across a day or week, and others like Office 365 where headcount can be seasonal. However your organisation works, we can work with you to build the right solution.

Ready to renew?

It doesn’t matter how you have purchased your licences, we can review and evaluate your software-mix to see if there is a more cost-effective way to access the services you receive.

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How do we do it?

We look to understand the size of your organisation, your growth plans, the services you require and your IT roadmap. Based on this information, we evaluate which packages of services are the best fit for your organisation.

In addition, we evaluate the various commitment options from Microsoft: month-by-month billing through their CSP model up to Enterprise Agreements on a 3-year term.

Microsoft 365

The best value from Microsoft comes when you start bundling services together. The modern workplace looks for the balance of productivity and security. Microsoft deliver this complete digital transformation solution through the combination of Office 365 with EM+S and Windows 10 Enterprise, in its Microsoft 365 suite.

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Get the most from your licensing agreement

For larger organisations DPS (Deployment Planning Services) days allow you to benefit from our consultancy at no cost to you. Help your organisation discover how to do more with new technology. DPS days expire, use them – don’t lose them! We can support you with:

Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS)

Skype for Business and Exchange Deployment Planning Services* (S&EDPS)

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services* (SDPS)

Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS).

* Can be used for Office 365 deployments

Microsoft 365 Licensing – Demystified

Download our free factsheet to understand the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365, and the services you receive with the F1, E1, E3, E5 suites respectively.

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