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Secure Modern Collaboration

Microsoft Teams sits on the Microsoft 365 platform and as such natively inherits all the security features you’d expect as part of your organisational governance models. Secure data leakage with Data Loss Prevention and adhere to the latest government regulations. Classify teams and set policies to determine which sets of users can access features. Working and collaborating with internal users and external guests has never been easier.

More than Skype

Microsoft Teams is often seen as a replacement for Skype for Business, but it is so much more than that. Collaborate effectively from one place and share files directly as conversations develop. With rich features such as co-authoring, video, applications and file storage, Microsoft Teams brings a whole new element to your digital workplace.

One Place to Work

Microsoft Teams eliminates the need to jump between applications within Microsoft 365. Bring all of the Office applications into Teams and tabs. As soon as you’ve finished a meeting, your notes are automatically saved in the respective channel. Launch task management applications such as Planner to manage tasks for your team. Bring in the power of the Power Platform as quick tabs.

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So, what is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the hub for Teamwork within Microsoft 365’s estate of tools. It brings together all of the apps used for collaboration such as, OneDrive for business, SharePoint, 1-2-1 and group instant messaging and video calling (as you had from Skype for Business). Teams is the one stop shop for many users, being able to complete work without ever needing to leave the application. Versatile and adaptable, Teams can be accessed from home, at work or on the go, on any device.

How can Perspicuity help us with Teams?

At Perspicuity, we live and breathe all things Microsoft 365 and Teams is just one of our key areas of expertise. Whether you’re looking to roll out Teams and need help with a planning and delivery strategy, or you are already underway with your deployment and need help getting it back on track, we can help. We understand that it can be a daunting task to roll out a platform across an organisation and we have a clear process for addressing the governance and adoption factors commonly missed as part of a Teams roll out.

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A new architecture

Microsoft Teams is built using the flat architecture principles that Microsoft have implemented across the modern experience. As such, it can be difficult to understand how to effectively structure your content into channels and tabs, and how SharePoint and OneDrive work with Teams. Perspicuity will help you plan your modern architecture, whether that is, you’re migrating into Teams, are looking to start from a clean slate or are in need of a health check to ensure you’re using Teams in the right way. Whatever your position is with Microsoft Teams, we can help you get the most from the platform.

Bring the power of Teams to your organisation

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