With many organisations now adopting Microsoft Teams as the new front-end of collaboration, the ability to find information is becoming challenging. Introduce intelligence into that process with automated keywords, get insights on how you can work better or expand the learning services for your organisation all within Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva Connections
Viva Connections

Integrate your SharePoint Intranet seamlessly into Microsoft Teams so that it becomes your primary communications tool.

Microsoft Viva Learning
Viva Learning

Introduce learning through multiple training providers all within the Microsoft 365 experience. Expand your own learning content by hosting documents, audio or video.

Microsoft Viva Topics
Viva Topics

Using intelligence, consolidate information into one place with Topics, capturing keywords and phrases with associated content.

Microsoft Viva Insights
Viva Insights

Understand how an individual works, with Insights and suggestions, to support wellbeing. Expand this to capture that information up to an organisation level.

Your journey to Microsoft Viva


We will work with you to understand how each service works, with live demonstrations and deep dives into each option. We can then capture usage scenarios and plan a deployment while considering technical and adoption approach.


After planning, we will schedule the build and deployment with one or more of the Viva services. Then running an isolated Pilot for each Viva service, we will work with you to analyse benefits and learnings for the full release.

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Once ready for the wider organisation, we will work with you on deploying the new technology, including training, adoption and communications.


Following deployment, we will focus on the success of Viva services in the first few weeks, by reviewing usage, analytics and mapping the usage scenarios to service plans. Each Viva service will have its own review stage and focus on areas of improvement.

Bring your intranet in to Microsoft Teams

Our approach brings your centralised communications from SharePoint Online and embeds them in to Microsoft Teams.

Expand learning tools with improved integration

Take a learning tool, integrate it fully within Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Allow your organisation to easily find training material in one place, available from multiple sources.

Intelligently group information together

Allow Microsoft intelligence to find and group information including documents, people, content and sites, so that when a keyword or acronym is used it highlights all of the associated information.

Make your days better with analytics

Understanding how you work, and when to schedule your free time, can be managed automatically. This forms part of your wellbeing and benefits your organisation.

Explore Microsoft Viva

Take 30 minutes out of your day with your colleagues to come and experience how Microsoft Viva can inspire, educate and drive better productivity.

Discover Microsoft Viva

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