Using Microsoft Teams?

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Rapidly embed new joiners

Help new people get up to speed with who you are and how you work as well as giving them a route to finding answers to their questions.

Remove communication barriers

Include, engage, and empower your users with an understood and consistent way of working in a productive environment.

Drive the right culture

Cultivate the right behaviours and values, nurture a happy workforce, and improve performance.

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How do we do it?

  • Discovery: we will engage with your key stakeholders to understand your culture and challenges, demonstrate the art of the possible and define with you what a successful adoption engagement will mean for your organisation.
  • Prep and Launch: with our Communications and Rollout Plan, the leaders and champions in your organisation are geared for success and your staff understand why and what you have launched and how they can play their part.
  • Embed: we will support you to adopt Office 365 into your culture rather than be a one-off engagement, with ongoing roles for onboarding new joiners and structuring social groups and teams.
  • Sustain: maintain your digital environment to a high standard through purging redundant data, curating content and celebrating success.

Successful adoption

When your digital platform is owned by the whole organisation you spark innovation and collaboration.

Organisations who successfully adopt Office 365 report that they benefit from having continuous visibility of information, overarching employee engagement, and the ability to drive the right cultural behaviours and values.

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Keeping compliant

You probably worry about how Microsoft Cloud services will be used in your organisation. How do you provide oversight to external, public & private groups and instant messages? How do you protect your IP, confidential data and meet your retention requirements?

We help by leveraging the tools in Office 365 and recommending third party tools to help you monitor, protect and grow your network.