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Microsoft is what we do. Our decision to partner with Microsoft over 10 years ago was due to three key reasons regarding what they had to offer:

  • deep market penetration and brand awareness,
  • solution suitability for businesses of all sizes, and
  • future vision – a leader in setting the direction of IT solutions.

All our other partnerships support our customers with the migration, management and enhancement of their Microsoft solutions.

Moving significant datasets into SharePoint require an enterprise toolset – and we look to Sharegate to support such migrations. With a robust solution, no per data volume charges and transparent pricing, it makes Sharegate an easy option.

Our clients who use Sharegate for migration typically continue to maintain their annual subscription because of the SharePoint management capabilities of the toolset.

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SkyKick is a 100% partner-focused service provider providing an integrated platform to help IT providers be more successful in the cloud.

We have proven experience of working with SkyKick’s leading technology solutions, helping our clients move to the cloud and protecting their data when they get there. SkyKick’s partner-only offering delivered by Perspicuity includes:

  • SkyKick Email Migration: using a project approach the SkyKick toolset supports us in migrating your email to Microsoft Office 365.
  • SkyKick Email and SharePoint Online Backup: delivers a comprehensive backup service to allow you to easily restore business data quickly through an easy to use self-service portal.