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Anthony Hughes

Technical Account Manager

From the age of three I can remember my parents keeping me up during dinner parties to change records for them. I have just always been fascinated by technology. Doesn’t matter where that technology lies, audio/visual, cars, computers, it just fascinates me.

In my early teenage years when personal computing started making an impact my father would take me into the bank he worked for and the technology staff would let me play around and it was soon apparent I had a knack for computers. It would be some years later that the same bank would hire me to deliver their technology to the banking staff or more specifically the banks traders, not for the faint-hearted.

I spent many years gaining knowledge and learning my craft in the banking world of technology. Something that was always exciting because as we all know banks have money, lots of it! To that end there was always the latest and greatest pieces of technology to play with and learn how to implement. However, when I started my career it was more than 20 years ago, the days of DOS, Win 3.1 and IBM’s wonderful OS/2! There was also a lot of proprietary data systems like Bloomberg’s Classic, Telerate and Reuters. A lot of these systems did not play together like they would today so there was a lot of problem solving required and thinking outside the box. This I enjoyed immensely, building machines with 20+ diskettes not so much.

When it came to providing new applications and updates to operating systems in those days it had to be done by hand, or……writing scripts in whatever tool was available to try and automate some of the delivery. Lots of fun to be had.

Those were fun years. Next I took my customer delivery experience and looked to scale out my learnings for a large Australian integrator, becoming a consultant in the Microsoft space and delivering all things Microsoft Infrastructure: primarily focused on Office 365 and helping hundreds of companies of all sizes move to the cloud.

I quickly came to realise that bringing customers, whether internal or external, and technology together to solve problems was the underlying theme to all my positive experiences. So moving to a senior technical account manager role, straddling both the sales world and delivery world, would be the perfect fit.

When the move to Europe was necessitated by my family, Perspicuity was a company I targeted to join – inspired by their global reputation for delivering Microsoft cloud services and demonstrating similar values to my own. I was delighted that they agreed with me and here I am at Perspicuity and super-excited to be part of this vibrant, highly skilled and fun team.