Looking to automate manual processes? Time to discover SharePoint.

Ben Leach

Professional Services Director

“I’m proud to be working for Perspicuity; we’re a Gold Certified Microsoft SharePoint Partner and can offer a level of service unlike any other.”

The turning point for Ben came when he reached his early twenties. He was offered a job installing software for local government and healthcare bodies, and by 22 had become a professional consultant.

Ben wanted to know his trade inside out, and impressively, he taught himself development. He then went on to work as a contractor before setting up his own business for small software projects.

“Even in those early days, everyone was asking about SharePoint”, Ben recalls. Recognising its power, Ben became a huge advocate for the software, working on high-profile SharePoint projects for successful companies, including Demon, Cap Gemini, and Home Retail Group.

Ben joined Perspicuity in 2015, as our SharePoint Practice Lead, to build and develop our existing SharePoint practice and further develop our SharePoint cloud solutions

When working with our customers, they tell us that that they appreciate his plain English pragmatic approach to technology, help them bring the wider organisation on the digital transformation journey.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys trips to Dorset and Cornwall with his wife and their dog Logi Bear. Ben also knows how to rock an electric guitar and regularly plays gigs with his band.

So what’s next for Ben, besides guitar legend?

“We’re on the right track here, we’ve already changed the way complex projects are delivered for the better and we’re going to continue on that path. The refreshing approach here was the reason I joined Perspicuity, now being part of that team I am driving even more innovation into how we deliver to our customers. It’s a brilliantly exciting challenge.”