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Charlie Gilbert

Solution Sales Specialist

“It’s my job to challenge the industry, to prove what we can do.”

Born in Gibraltar and raised in Somerset, Charlie comes from a Naval background. He had his heart set at a young age on a life in the Royal Navy, fighting for Queen and Country. At 16 years old, he went with his dad to sign up, but ended up taking a very different path.

Fortunately for Charlie he was the only person who battled the snow and turned up for the Perspicuity Apprentice Interview Day so he landed the job and became our first apprentice.

Neither party was entirely sure what an apprentice was to do at a company which was then firmly Enterprise focused. Clarity came from the vision of CEO Ben Gower that cloud would be the next big thing – the size of your business didn’t matter anymore. He joined the first ever cohort of Microsoft’s apprenticeship programme; studying software development. Charlie was not travelling the seas with the Navy but he was embarking on an impressive journey nonetheless: a journey completely new to the world of Microsoft, and in many ways, new to the entire IT world.

Charlie’s days as a developer were short lived: he wrote some code here or there, including a strategically important office sandwich ordering system, but followed in the company’s ambition to having a true passion for Cloud Technology. Charlie was “born in the cloud”, from selling through to deployment. He isn’t held back by thoughts of a bygone era in which everything in computing was different; the cloud is the only way for Charlie, and he knows it inside and out. “Cloud technology is no longer the future, it’s the now”, he describes.

Since starting his career with Perspicuity in 2010, Charlie has helped over 1,000 customers take their first steps into cloud computing, using his knowledge and passion to lead the way.

It’s not just customers Charlie helps take their first steps with moving to the cloud, Charlie is now helping Microsoft Partners all over the world realise the potential in building a cloud practice. From presenting on stage at WPC, recently rebranded to Microsoft Inspire, to working with partners in Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Charlie has been able to showcase the art of the possible, sharing real experiences, supporting sales floors and helping sales managers understand what the cloud opportunity looks like.

His working approach reflects the example of the Perspicuity values and mission: Charlie is truly motivated by helping customers and partners in the areas they need him to in order to achieve better outcomes for all.

What next?

“The partners I work with understand that sales is their core capability and given the right tools, approach and training they can achieve cloud success. The on-going help they often need is in technical execution – that’s the long term relationship I see developing.”