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Nigel Chappell

Operations Director

First interests in IT came from working in the car industry on IBM’s 2D CATIA tool design platform. The interest was furthered significantly when PSF took delivery of the first UK implementation of the CADDS4X system from Computervision bringing 3D design to life. At this point I went back to College and studied Computer Science, sponsored on the back of a pioneering course set up and sponsored by a number of the mainstream vendors of that era. Companies such as Wang and Digital which are now dead and buried in the history of the industry.

One of the main interests that stemmed from the course was Computer Networking, which at that time was in its infancy, but growing rapidly. I joined a small company Spider Networks focused on the design and implementation of Ethernet networks as a Network Design Engineer. This decision may have been influenced ever so slightly by a good friend in a similar company who had just taken delivery of a very shiny company car!

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstien

Eventually progressed into the world of sales which I habited for a number of years before a change in lifestyle found me in the vicinity of Perspicuity in Yeovil. They needed someone to run Operations and a discussion with Ben over a barbecue led me to my current position in Operations.

The great thing about Perspicuity is the people. It reminds me very much of Spider Networks; a small company with a big heart working hard to deliver the best customer experience, and having worked in some very big companies along the way, it is a very refreshing place to work.