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Rupert Squires

Sales Director

“It’s difficult to demonstrate long term value in a consultancy which relies purely on amazing staff – but if you take those same staff and focus them on building a legacy through repeatable, tightly defined processes, then you create something quite incredible.”

Rupert’s fascination with the world of computing started back in 1985 as he sat in front of a beige BBC Micro, surrounded by numerous copies of INPUT magazine, copying code and keying it in. That was going fine until the ever-inquisitive Rupert decided to unscrew the computer to find out how it worked – from the inside. Unfortunately, the Micro would never be the same again but Rupert did get a good grounding in BASIC and LOGO, and the foundations of his career and IT prowess were set.

At school, Rupert’s technology opportunities were limited to his Texas programmable calculator, and he spent much of his time gaming on his Amiga computer, probably to the detriment of his GSCE results, but all that changed in 1994.

He joined Newcastle University’s Computer Science course, and within weeks had developed his first website, complete with animated GIFs and an embedded Alta Vista search engine feature (this was four years before Google was born, after all).

By the time he left University, the Year 2000 bug was a looming threat to the entire IT industry. Rupert stood firmly at the front line, preparing and reassuring customers in his role at a consulting firm, working in VBA for Excel. Once he’d played his part in quashing the nation’s Y2K fears, he joined a FTSE250 insurance firm, starting in development before being promoted into people management and project management.

Rupert finally joined Perspicuity in 2008. We were a small firm and he was a big influence, especially in the efficiency of our operational delivery, thus he quickly moved up the ranks.

Today, Rupert is our respected Sales Director, focusing on SharePoint, Office 365, EMS, and Azure. He works with the senior leadership team and is a valuable advisor for our customers.

In his spare time, Rupert enjoys riding his bike through the Weald of Kent. However, he does live at the top of a hill, so perhaps ‘enjoyable’ isn’t quite the right word to describe the uphill challenge at the end of each ride. At home, Rupert dedicates his time to his family, including his young son and daughter, whom he has spent many hours with trying to explain that the Microsoft Surface is not an iPad!

One of his highlights at Perspicuity was collecting the Microsoft Apprentice Employer of the Year award from Michel Van der Bel , the General Manager at Microsoft UK. He gives credit to our apprenticeship programme on this, stating, “I don’t think any other company of our size has invested more in apprentices than we have – the results tell their own story.”

So what next for Rupert? His aims to keep Perspicuity focused on growth through the continued productisation of our offerings. He says, “Driving for Outcome-as-a-Service benefits all with a clear definition of what is expected at all stages of the engagement, it reduces risk, and gives predictable outcomes”.