Enable rapid collaboration and achieve common goals. Whether you’re working on tasks, documents or simply having a conversation together – Microsoft Teams provides the single place to focus and helps teams achieve their goals.

Controlled collaboration

Avoid mass Team creation and Team duplication by implementing governance to direct and manage new Teams.

Spring clean, all year round

Keep your organisation clean from redundant Teams with pro-active monitoring and recoverable archiving.

Create securely

Get control of your data and set your own policies built directly into Teams templates.

Three people and web page

Enterprise provisioning

Hosted as a service, our provisioning engine enables you to host Team templates that'll we'll design with you, setting pre-defined and standard ways for your Teams to be created.

Man and big phone

Ready-to-go requests

Our Team creation request process is backed by the power of Azure and SharePoint so is accessible in Microsoft Teams, browser and tablet versions, enabling your organisation to create on the go.

Experience Percy Collaborate for yourself

Take 30 minutes out of your day with your colleagues to come and experience what Percy Collaborate really is and how it can drive value for you into your organisation.

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