Using Microsoft Teams?

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Bring structure to collaboration

Start using repeatable, standardised processes and templates allowing you to provide a consistent and managed user experience.

Keep control of your data

Employees resort to consumer file sharing applications because they haven’t been given a credible alternative: change that with an integrated, self-service, user-friendly platform.

Creativity and compliance

Use templates, co-authoring and version control to safely create content, powerful search to find content and retention policies to retain content.

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Self-service collaboration with governance

Embarking on a SharePoint programme leaves many organisations in fear that they are creating a significant support overhead for their team, either in creating and configuring sites or in supporting end users.

SharePoint Collaboration FastStart brings self-service provisioning of sites, with managed approval workflow. Combined with our good governance recommendations you can have a clear view on data ownership, lifecycle and site structure.

How do we do it?

We help you drive a successful outcome based on our experience using our 4-step process:

  • Plan: by engaging key stakeholders from day 1 we help secure wider buy-in during the creation of your collaboration solution. We lead an onsite kick-off workshop with the key stakeholders.
  • Configure: we’ll incorporate your brand, create the templates as agreed in the workshop and configure workflow to reflect your business approval processes.
  • Pilot: running with a discrete team we’ll help understand the training gap as well as any refinements required.
  • Launch: it is now time to build excitement with your user community. We will provide guidance with our key steps for launch
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Who is it right for?

We’ve delivered collaboration solutions for:

  • organisations who wish to be able to manage the full lifecycle of their content from creation to destruction,
  • organisations migrating away from file shares, Documentum and eRoom solutions, and
  • specific business units or regional offices who wish to avoid localised hardware investments.

If you’re looking for something more bespoke, we can do that too – and we can often accelerate development using our collaboration framework which allows us to focus on the requirements specifically desirable for your organisation.