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Team workspaces

Both project and functional teams benefit from workspaces that bring together documents, conversations and knowledge into a single view.

Collaboration FastStart

Remove the risk and take advantage of our package Collaboration FastStart solution to drive quick and predictable results.

Written in history

With automatic version control you can go back to any previous version of a document, restore it or compare it against the current version.

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How do we do it?

Creating a good collaboration solution relies on understanding how your users would like to collaborate, and this often begins with us showing you the art of the possible.

  • Plan: we’ll understand who will be using the solution, how they want to work together and build in governance control to ensure a sustainable solution.
  • Build: we’ll take advantage of our existing IP to fast track the development of your solution and customise it around your specific needs.
  • Test: with a friendly group of users we will deploy and refine the agreed solution. This will also help in understanding your existing technical capability which will feed into adoption.
  • Adopt: we’ll build a rollout plan with your company culture in mind using our trainers, or yours, to drive the adoption of the solution.

SharePoint Collaboration FastStart

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – we’ve taken our customers most common requirements and created our SharePoint Collaboration FastStart solution that supports self-service, template driven workspaces and security management for a fixed price that includes deployment and adoption.

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Governance is good

SharePoint Collaboration projects fail when good governance fails to be implemented. We consider and put controls around:

Who: who can create, edit and remove Workspaces? Is this a space for internal use or should external users be invited too?

What: types of Workspaces available to users – projects, cross functional or team-driven?

When: how long should a site Workspace be live for, what and when do we archive?