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Integrate with the tools you already use

SharePoint tightly integrates with both Microsoft Office on the desktop as well as online reducing the barriers to user adoption.

Manage content retention

Manage the full lifecycle from creation, indexing, archiving to destruction following the policies that you define.


Use powerful search to find content within documents, and dynamic filters to accelerate search and preview results inline.

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How do we do it?

Start with an exploratory call with one of our team to discuss the business challenges you are trying to address or to simply understand how SharePoint DMS have helped other businesses.

The outcome of the call may lead on to a SharePoint Discovery, a recommendation for a SharePoint packaged solution or maybe we both decide that SharePoint isn’t right for you.

A practical approach

When we consider how to deliver a successful solution, we know that if you overload users with requests for content attributes it’s likely that adoption will be an uphill struggle.

We can advise on the content types that can accelerate indexation, what metadata really needs to be captured, and how you can use templates to drive consistency?

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Clarity on the solution

Microsoft offer us many ways to store content: OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and Yammer if you really want to.

Part of our objective is to help your users know the right tool for the job – enterprise-wide solutions only work well and deliver value when all users work the same way.