Using SharePoint Online as formal document management has been made even better with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Store documents and forms to allow Syntex to extract key metadata and terms.

Build intelligent models

Take your standard documents and forms then allow Syntex to build an intelligent model to read the content.

Drive better processes

With the knowledge extracted by Syntex, allow this to drive future process automation with decision making and approvals.


Understand the information and automatically decide if a retention or disposition process needs to be applied to that content. Use the power of Microsoft 365 Compliance with automatic tagging.

Your journey to SharePoint Syntex

App Dev 1


We will capture your usage scenarios and review your key documents to see how they will work with SharePoint Syntex. This also gives you an opportunity to see how the technology works and helps build an information architecture for your content.


Following a plan, we will schedule in the build and deploy the SharePoint Syntex service with one or more Content Centres. Then running a Pilot area, we will work with you to analyse benefits and learnings for the full release.

App Dev 3


Expanding on the Pilot we will involve the wider organisation to build data models and deploy the new technology including training, adoption and communications. Where the adoption is focused we will show how Syntex can drive further business automation.


Following deployment, we will support you in your first few weeks by reviewing usage and supporting the pre-built modelling. Any new usage scenarios will be captured, so you can look to build in your own models.

Increased automation of documents

Our approach deploys the technology quickly and efficiently, so you're getting benefits from document intelligence almost immediately.

Effective storage of standard content

By focusing on your standard documents and forms, the benefit of information embedded inside the content can now be acted upon and stored effectively inside SharePoint Online.

Experience SharePoint Syntex for yourself

Take 30 minutes out of your day with your colleagues to come and experience how SharePoint Syntex can automate your business processes and expand your compliance capabilities.

Experience SharePoint Syntex

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