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Complete cloud care

Azure, Office 365 and EM+S are all covered by our support team.

Rapid response

Our SLA-driven service, delivered by experts, sees the end of ‘let me log that for you and pass it on’.

Flexible support

It doesn’t have to be broken, if you are ready to improve let us help you under your support contract to get it done.

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How do we do it?

Our SLA support services cover all aspects of Office 365. If we’ve audited your environment, we’ll also cover Azure, on-premises SharePoint and Exchange Servers too. In addition, we can cover endpoint management with Intune. We can also cover ADFS if you have it. You’ll have access to our entire team, so the best person can work with you to solve the incident.

We also include time to advise you on ways to improve your current setup and will help you get those changes implemented.

Designed for experts

Our support service is designed as your 3rd line service; you fix the simple incidents in-house and we deal with the complex ones. We will also help you make those changes where you need some expert advice. What’s more, we’re happy to show you what we’ve done so you know what to do next time. It’s like continuous training on the job.

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A helpful hand

You may have the skills already but require cover for when your in-house expert is either overloaded or unavailable. We can take the workload off you when those times arise. What’s more, we will help you find ways to make your life easier or your systems more secure and we’ll share those with you too.