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Top 10 Office Add-ins You Should Be Using


May 13, 2016 | Elliott Carter | 4 Minute Read

Elliott Carter


The office suite is one of the most widely used sets of programs ever. In fact, you probably have part of the suite open right now. We rely on them every day and they become all the more powerful through the use of Add-Ins.


Pexels Screenshot

How many times have you been working on a PowerPoint and you need to add great looking images… but you have nothing in your pictures folder that would work? Pexels is a must-have in terms of add-ins, saving both the time and effort of trawling the internet searching for stock photos. Pexels adds a handy tab where you can search for the picture you want, and then add said picture to your presentation at the click of a button.

PayPal for Outlook

PayPal Screenshot

The true definition of money on the move. Right from Outlook, you can send money to peers in a secure and easy way that integrates with your email. The only feature we feel is missing is the ability to request money, but hopefully that will be added soon as I have some friendly debts to collect!

Uber Ride Reminder

Uber Screenshot

I’ve loved Uber ever since being introduced to it in Seattle by Rupert in 2014. I find the ability to book a Mercedes to take me 5 minutes down the road when it’s a rainy day in London just amazing. Because who wants to wave their hand in the air anymore? Just to ensure that you don’t forget your booking, you can add this handy add-on to your Outlook to get reminders sent directly to your phone.

DocuSign for Outlook*/Word

DocuSign Screenshot

We use DocuSign every day here at Perspicuity. It’s a great service that we use to get our documentation electronically signed. All that is required is the end user to have an email address and a PC/ Mac/ Smartphone. DocuSign for Outlook makes the process of sending the documents even easier. Have an email with an attachment that needs your signature? Compose, sign and send all within Outlook. Handy is an understatement.

*Requires a subscription


Find Time Screenshot

When trying to schedule a meeting, it can be a nightmare finding a time that works for everyone, but with FindTime (as the name suggests), it will clearly display what days and times work best for the people you are inviting to the meeting, send out meeting invites for you, and even let the attendees vote which time is best for them. Scheduling a meeting has never been easier.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator Screenshot

We all use placeholder text at some point or another, whether it’s your own version consisting of ‘hgsdfjngusrn’ or Hairy Lipsum Generator, which I must say I am quite partial to using as it generates placeholder text filled with names of luxurious moustaches. But at the end of the day, Lorem Ipsum is the original, and with the add in which works with Word and PowerPoint you can have a handy tab to generate text without leaving the program.

MailChimp for Microsoft Word

Mailchimp Screenshot

Do you often run email campaigns? If so, then you’re probably familiar with MailChimp, a great tool which can single-handedly store multiple mailing lists, send out a nice looking email campaign, and analyze the statistics afterwards. MailChimp for Word makes it even easier to create and run your campaigns. You can create them directly within a Word document before exporting it to your MailChimp account.


Boomerang Screenshot

Boomerang is a huge add-in, with so many incredible features that I could write an entire blog on it! You can schedule meetings, set rules to resurface an email to the top of your inbox if it has not been responded to, schedule emails to send at a later date or time, ensure you are following up with sales leads and so much more. It’s really worth taking a look as it really can help with organisation.


Translator Screenshot

While you were at school, there’s a good chance that you studied French, Spanish or even German. But when you receive that all important document, and it turns up in Malaysian, you’re going to wish you had a friend from Brunei or Indonesia to help out. But fear not! Translator for Word lets you choose words, sentences and even paragraphs in a document and translates them using the Microsoft Translator online service. Amongst an impressive list of languages, you’ll be glad to hear it can translate French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and of course Kazakh – I heard your sigh of relief.


Wikipedia Screenshot

Let’s be honest, most of your homework as a kid was probably copied and pasted from Wikipedia. Well, that or Yahoo Answers. The Wikipedia add on for the Office suite gives you quick and easy access to the content on Wikipedia and rather helpfully “simplifies the process of referencing text and images”.