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Why Wiretap?


January 24, 2018 | Elliott Carter | 2 Minute Read

Elliott Carter


Sales Director, Rupert Squires, shares his views with me on our new partnership with Aware by Wiretap.

What attracted Perspicuity to Aware by Wiretap as a solution?

Both Yammer and Microsoft Teams offer employees open, trusted platforms for collaboration and innovation. We are real advocates of this and part of what we do is help companies to adopt collaboration technology. However, sometimes employees share content by mistake or use a network inappropriately. It was clear to me that the Aware Solution by Wiretap has a variety of solutions to support these challenges — and nurture employee engagement.

So, what exactly does Aware do?

The solution integrates into your Office 365 platform, scanning Yammer and Teams content as it is published and verifying this content against the agreed policies. Once a policy is breached the appropriate action is then applied. The included Aware Data Management Module helps manage the data life-cycle across all types of collaboration content including private messages.

And how could Aware help our customers?

We’ve seen some great use-cases, from a very simple blocking of posts with expletives to highlighting topics with certain internally sensitive keywords, such as when an organisation is going through M&A — but wider than that, it also spotlights good employee engagement sentiment.

Why choose Wiretap as a Partner?

We select our partners carefully and look for those who augment our core Microsoft Cloud Services by offering added value that Microsoft doesn’t provide. Aware by Wiretap uniquely fills requirements and compliance gaps that Microsoft doesn’t yet address. Wiretap have a strong product roadmap focusing on leveraging AI, and we can see how the solution will go from strength to strength.

What kind of organisations do you see as good fit for Aware?

Traditionally those who sit in regulated business environments, such as the financial and pharmaceutical sectors, with strict compliance rules, will find value, as well as organisations that have a large number of front line users. More recently we are seeing organisations from local government to publicly listed firms looking for solutions to support GDPR compliance strategies and obligations.

And commercially how does it stack up?

Following many other cloud services, Aware by Wiretap is offered on a simple, per user subscription basis.

Anything else I should know?

If you have deployed Yammer, you should spend 5 minutes trying Aware Feedfall. This is a free, browser-based solution that provides a showcase for your Yammer network to be displayed on large screens to spotlight specific activity.

Where do I start?

If you have an established active network, we offer a complimentary Risk Assessment check to help understand if investment into Wiretap makes sense.
If starting out with Yammer or Microsoft Teams, we can help you build a strategy to drive user-adoption, manage the change and create a safe environment to support the work of your IT Security and Compliance teams.