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Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security strategy and methodology. Starting from a position of no inherent trust within your environment and opening up to only connections that you trust to be safe.

Verify Explicitly

Authentication to your environment and data should always be checked based on all the most up to date, available data points.

Perfect for Microsoft 365

Increase the security within your environment whilst maximising the security potential of your Office 365 licences.

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What is Zero Trust Identity?

Zero Trust Identity is a Perspicuity security solution where we will help your organisation utilise some of the key security features available within Microsoft 365 to maximise your protection.

Zero Trust Identity is a fantastic first step into a new security mindset in protecting your organisation and end users from anywhere – and we are here to support you in making that happen.

How do we deliver Zero Trust Identity?

Kick Off Call: To begin the engagement we will schedule in a Kick-Off call where we will run through introductions and confirm your reasons and expectations for the project.

Readiness Workshop: A half-day planning call, delivered remotely, allows us to introduce Zero Trust methodology, cover any questions you may have, and run through the configuration and changes to be made to your environment in more detail.

Project Delivery: Our team of consultants will work with you to configure the security policies and help to roll this out to a pilot group for testing.  

Handover: As the Zero Trust Identity policies are scaled out to the entire organisation, we shall provide a detailed handover along with documentation to support your new configuration in order to enable you to support end users with Zero Trust.

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Minimum Impact, Maximum Protection

This proposition will help maximise your organisation’s protection with minimal impact to end users. Using the tools available within the Microsoft 365 suite, you create your “boundary-less” security environment by using Conditional Access to block off all connections by default. Then, opening up these policies to allow trusted connections such as secure devices (devices which are Hybrid Azure AD Joined / Enrolled in your Intune and comply to your organisation’s policies).

Zero Trust Identity Factsheet

Download our Zero Trust Identity Factsheet and understand what a Zero Trust Strategy is and we can help secure your cloud environment.

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