The information we collect

We collect two types of information about you: personal details that you give us and data that’s automatically gathered.


Personal details we might take from you include your name, job title, company, email and phone number – details you give when you ask to be contacted by Perspicuity or want to download an article, for example.


If you’re applying for a job with us, we’ll also collect your work history details and the other information you have on your CV. We’ll always be clear about what we’re asking for and why – and will ask you to explicitly agree to giving us the information we need.


We may collect personal data such as your name, company position, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, age, IP address, and account usernames.


This site automatically registers your IP address and geographical location. We use Google Analytics and HubSpot to collect data that helps us understand how many people are visiting our website – and how they find and use our web pages. We may use this kind of navigational information alone or combined with your personal info to give you tailored information about our services or other things we think you might be interested in.

How we use your data

We use your data to give you the best possible experience of Perspicuity.


More specifically, and in accordance with any consent you have given us, we will store and process your data in order to:

  • Keep you up to date with the latest content we’ve published that might be relevant to you.
  • Tell you about Perspicuity events we think would be useful or interesting.
  • Ask for your feedback and opinions through online surveys.
  • Improve our site to give you a better experience when you visit.
  • Send you information that you’ve requested.
  • Improve our content and tailor it to your needs.

How long we store your data

  • We keep both personal and automatically collected details of how you use this website for four years. At the end of that period, your data is automatically deleted.
  • If you’ve applied for a job with us.
  • We hold on to application data for up to a year. Under employment law, we have to keep all application data for at least six months.
  • If you didn’t get the job you applied for, we may send you details of other relevant posts during the 12 months that we have your information. At the end of this period, we’ll delete your information.
  • If you become a Perspicuity employee, the data we gathered about you during the recruitment process will become part of your HR file. We’ll let you know during your employment how long we’ll keep your information after you leave Perspicuity.

Sharing your data

We only share your personal data for very good reasons. We’ll never sell or rent it to anyone.


We may share your information with other companies that perform services for us, but we’ll only share essential data and will always get your permission first. We share your data with our partner companies on the understanding that they’ll use your details for legitimate interests, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


The only other time we may share your data is when we’re required to by law. If a government or law enforcement agency asks for information about our users, we’re legally obliged to provide it.


Like most other websites, this one uses cookies and other third-party tracking technologies.


Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your computer so that they can recognise you when you visit. Our cookies only help us to collect statistical data about you and your browsing activities. They help us to improve this website and give you a better, more personalised experience. Cookies help us remember the choices you’ve made so that you only have to make them once – for example, if you’ve accepted cookies and submitted contact details to us via a form, you details will automatically populate across any of our other forms.


You can limit cookies using your personal browser settings. If you do this, our website might not work as well as it could.


Where you have consented to such use, we will use this information to contact you about products, services, events and educational materials. To withdraw consent or manage your contact preferences, visit the Communications Preference Manager via the link which will be made available to you in all email communications that you receive from us.

Percy Intranet Instagram Web Part

What data are we processing? The Percy Intranet Instagram Web Part is hosted within your SharePoint tenant. An authentication token is stored in the web part settings which is provided by Instagram upon successfully signing in to their platform, this token is unidentifiable and used only during active sessions.


How are we processing the data? All data provided by Instagram is only stored in your browsers memory and will be lost as soon as the SharePoint page with the Instagram Web Part installed is closed. Perspicuity does not, at any point, process or even see any data provided by Instagram.


What purpose are we processing for? The authentication token generated enables the Instagram Web Part to connect with your Instagram account and display the content from your feed within your SharePoint intranet. Perspicuity does not see any data being exchanged.


How to request your data and / or removal of data? As referenced above, Perspicuity does not, at any point, process or even see any data provided by Instagram. However, if you would like to request for your data (if any) to be removed, please email

Any questions?

If you have any concerns over your privacy while using this website, or have questions about how your data is handled or how to request deletion of your data, then feel free to pop us a message to ask about it!

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