So, George, Tell us a little bit about your role here?

As a developer here at Perspicuity, I spend my time mostly working on our Percy products such as Percy Intranet, Percy Academy, and Percy Collaboration. I specialise in front-end development, so I tend to build the parts of these products that you see and interact with!

Tell me about your previous experience that you have brought to Perspicuity…

My background is actually in design – having previously worked as an artworker for a power tool group, and as a designer for a small web agency, I originally joined Perspicuity as a Graphic Designer where I spent my time developing the Perspicuity brand and creating marketing assets. However, having always had an interest in web development and creating things with code, I decided that was where my future was and made the move into the development team!


From the development team, I still find a lot of opportunities to utilise my design skills, ensuring that all of our products look the best they can and align with the Perspicuity brand.

What does an average day look like?

I’m very lucky that most of my day consists of writing code! However, when I’m not working on our Percy products, I’m usually found supporting our customers with any issues they may have on more specific projects I’ve worked on, working with the marketing team on one of their latest crazy ideas, or planning our upcoming features and sprints for Percy Intranet. But to be honest, every day is different and brings its own challenges!

What’s your favourite thing about your role?

I suppose one of my favourite things is actually just being part of our development team, it’s very rare to be surrounded by very talented, but also supportive colleagues! We have a very supportive environment at Perspicuity, and everyone is always very happy to teach, and even happier to learn!


I also love the creative freedom and trust in my role, as a lot of the time an idea for a new feature will come from a customer, and it’s up to me to figure out the best technologies and methods to use to realise their vision!

Tell me about your career at Perspicuity:

I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to find a really great place to work at quite a young age, I joined as a Graphic Designer when I was 22, and my plan had always been to lead a team of designers at a web agency. So in 2017 I left Perspicuity to work as a Senior Designer for a small web agency, but it quickly became apparent that it just wasn’t the role for me, and at this point, I was strongly considering moving into development – and I was very lucky that it seemed Perspicuity missed me and much as I missed them, so I was welcomed back as Creative Lead while I transitioned into the development team.

What’s been your biggest learning?

To be totally honest, my biggest learning is just how much more there is for me to learn! When I first moved into development, I thought I had a pretty solid understanding of the basics, but it turns out with technology and the web nowadays, what you think you know is just the tip of the iceberg! Working with the Microsoft platform can be challenging because they are evolving their platform as fast as we’re learning it and developing new solutions based around it! The carrot is definitely at the end of a very long stick!

How would you describe what it’s like to work at Perspicuity?

Although my experience with other companies is somewhat limited, the culture at Perspicuity is something I never take for granted – I’ve never been part of a team that is so open to sharing and learning from each other. Every day is different, and every project we work on brings new challenges, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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