Our Culture

Our purpose at Perspicuity is to make work better for our colleagues, customers and partners. Over time, we’ve been building a culture at Perspicuity that enables our awesome colleagues - and hopefully you! - to do the most amazing work and grow a career where you can develop a broad range of skills, try new things, specialise when you are ready and along the way, make work better for all involved. If you’re looking for a career that defines you, and you can define, you’re in the right place.

  • Work and life should enhance each other...

    Centred around trust

    Micro managing - not our style. We've got an amazing team that do amazing things collaboratively. We trust our colleagues to work with us to contribute, to deliver their work their way whilst supported by us, enabling you to move fast, and learn even faster.


    Our colleagues are part of the family, we don't treat them as just numbers or names on a spreadsheet. We are real people, with families, friends, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We work to create work-life "fit" for us and the people we love.


    Work with us to build a career path that's right for you. You will identify your strengths, where you can grow and be supported to drive your career in line with your personal goals.


    Our goal is to help you be the best ‘you’ that you can be, both inside and outside of work. Get access to support and coaching; including holistic wellbeing provision that's right for you.

    Our People

    We have a broad range of roles within the business that contribute towards making ‘The Perspicuity Experience’. Whether you’re a budding developer, a deep tech geek, the next security guru, whether building relationships and delighting in our customer success roles or designing and implementing unqiue and engaging experiences in marketing and sales, or someone who can manage change and deliver projects, we’re looking for new colleagues that can bring diverse ideas and fresh perspectives.

    Our Awesome Teams

    Delivering value through knowledge

    Collaborate with customers and partners on building solutions that drive value to organisations and build meaningful relationships.

    Pro-active management

    Keep an eye on the latest and greatest and work with consultants to provide relevant, beneficial services to customers and partners.

    Make work better

    Work with the wider business and provide key insights into customer trends and demands that’ll enable you to do more better.

    "I have finally found where I want to stay and build a career"

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    Reinventing customer experiences

    Everything we do is built around providing value to our stakeholders. Work with our wider teams to design and deliver world class experiences.

    Delight is in our DNA

    Design the next best way of interacting with customers, partners and colleagues. We use first-class creativity backed up with awesome technology to enable us to do more.

    Make work better

    What we do is important but how we do it makes us unique.

    "I feel like my creativity is not only constructively challenged but ultimately trusted"

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    Creating world-class services

    Build packaged solutions to enable organisations to do more and get the best from their Microsoft 365 investment.

    Designing custom built solutions

    Work in collaboration with customers on bespoke solutions to solve customers’ pains and fulfil their needs.

    Keeping ahead of the game

    Our team are always keeping up-to-date with the latest technology enabling them to develop diverse solutions.

    "Every day is different, and every project we work on brings new challenges, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!"

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    Customer success is our success

    We’re always asking ourselves, are we providing value to our customers? For our consultants, having a deep understanding of our customers enables them to provide a world-class service.

    Forward thinking

    Share new ideas, discuss the latest innovations and apply learnings into the everyday. Our consultants are always keeping ahead of the game.

    Delivering value Through Knowledge

    Collaborate with customers and partners on building solutions that drive value to organisations and build meaningful relationships.

    "I enjoy the variety of working with young people and sharing experiences that can help them learn and develop"

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    Building key relationships

    Become a central point of contact and collaborate with customers and colleagues to ensure projects are delivered in the most engaging way.

    Pro-active management

    Stay ahead of the game with forecasting and work with the business to provide productivity outputs and insights into how we operate as a business.

    Designing efficient practices

    Work with the wider team to identify and remove any friction from processes to enable colleagues to do more and make work better for all.

    "I have never worked for a company that values its colleagues so much and is always looking to be better than the rest"

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    Finance, legal, strategy...

    Our operations team work collaboratively to understand and inform how our service offering and the way we work impact our day-to-day and company growth.

    Planning ahead

    Our colleagues help design and implement processes that enable Perspicuity to not only run smoothly, but also scale for our amazing future ahead.

    Pro-active management

    Stay ahead of the game with forecasting and work with the business to provide productivity outputs and insights into how we operate as a business.

    "[Perspicuity] plays a massive part in creating an anxiety-free work environment where you’re never afraid to reach out"

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    For humans, by humans

    We know that support generally gets a bad rep. But our human approach to problem-solving and level of personalisation creates a better experience for all.

    Creating innovative support experiences

    Utilize modern tooling to enable customers to do more by creating interactive experiences to assist with queries.

    Always learning

    With the technical landscape always changing, we're here enable you to be the best that you can be. We’ll provide skills development and training, so that you're constantly learning and growing in your career.

    "Perspicuity is like no business I hear about, they allow me to build my career as I deem, what do I want to do, how do I want to progress"

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