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We're on a mission to empower every organisation we touch to achieve more through the use of technology and for those organisations to get the best value from their Microsoft investment. Learn more about how we can take your organisation on this journey.

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Percy Intranet

Connect your people, drive engagement and work better
Increase colleague engagement

Create a modern space to promote latest news and collaborate with colleagues.

Break down data silos

Centralise storage of your organisation's data, eliminating issues of data loss.

Enable hybrid working

Built on the modern framework and hosted in SharePoint Online, access Percy Intranet anytime, anywhere.

Stay current

Access the latest features and services available within Percy with your subscription.

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"Percy enabled us to create a visually engaging intranet that still has the look and feel of Unity. It’s brought the organisation together in a united, collaborative environment where we can work in a fun and creative way! "

  • Zero Trust

    Maximise your organisation's protection
    Secure hybrid working

    Empower your organisation to work more securely anywhere and anytime, on any device.

    Gain granular control

    Create policies that can target users, devices, data, apps or a combination of the above.

    Bring your own device

    Allow users to utilise their own devices to access corporate services.

    Pro-active management

    Stay ahead of threats with pro-active management and continually evolving services.

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    Application Development

    Modern apps developed and delivered in a modern way
    Do more of what matters

    Automate, streamline and drive engagement across your organisation.

    Connect your data

    Gather data and uncover insights whilst removing data silos.

    Rapid app development

    From idea to delivery, your applications can be delivered in days, not weeks.

    Adapt to your needs

    As you grow and requirements change, existing apps can be modified to keep pace.

    Discover Application Development

    M365 Success Service

    Partnering with you to get the most out of your Microsoft Cloud investment
    Drive value

    Get detailed success planning, regular check-ins and pro-active management.

    Work with the best

    Accelerate your technical capabilities by gaining access to subject matter experts.

    Pro-active management

    Introduce new ways of working and gain insights on updates within the Microsoft Cloud.

    Personalised content

    Get highly personalised, engaging, actionable content delivered directly to you.

    Discover M365 Success Service

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    Microsoft 365 empowers organisations to secure their workspaces, reimagine collaboration, drive productivity and develop applications to solve business problems and streamline ways of working.

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