Connect and empower your organisation, from the office to the frontline worker, with a Microsoft 365 solution that's flexible, drives creativity and innovation whilst maintaining maximum return on investment.

Tailor your licensing

Get the best from your Microsoft investment by only purchasing the licence mix your business requires.

Pro-active management

As your business needs to change so can your licences, we'll work with you to ensure you're getting the right licence at the right time.

Discover the next best thing

Discover the full set of services available with your licence and as the Microsoft Cloud expands, get access to new services as they arrive.

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Your organisation's needs

Licensing is a collaborative effort. We'll look to understand the size of your organisation, your growth plans, the services you require and your IT roadmap. Based on this information, we evaluate which packages of licensing services are the best fit for your organisation.

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Bundling services

The best value from Microsoft comes when you start bundling services together. Modern work looks for the balance of productivity and security. Microsoft deliver this complete digital transformation solution through the combination of Office with EMS and Windows 10 Enterprise, in it's Microsoft 365 suite.

Book in an initial licence review

Take 30 minutes out of your day with your colleagues to gain an understanding how the Microsoft Cloud would fit within your organisation or if there's a better suited licence set.

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Get an overview on Microsoft licensing

Our Microsoft 365 licensing factsheets provide an overview of both the business and enterprise plans as well as mini feature breakdown descriptions to provide clarity on services.

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