For the purposes of our contractual arrangement with you, and in turn you with your customers (where applicable), we are relying on the force majeure provisions of our agreement with you to change the location to ‘remote’, where on-site work has been booked.

We have the appropriate technology to deliver our onsite engagements remotely, and therefore confirm now that no work booked to take place onsite will by default be cancelled and / or postponed – therefore, no work will be cancelled. We ask that you use your technology to attend these meetings, which as a minimum can operate as long as you (or your customer, as applicable) have availability of a mobile device.

And as we learn… : in line with this approach, some of our staff will be working from home, which brings a whole raft of opportunities for calls to be disrupted by wandering children, pets, partners, spouses and other (un)welcome interruptions(!). We will appreciate your support in bearing with us, as we adapt to our new working practices, working to ensure they become as professional as our old ones.

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